Meet the Asylum Seekers Creating Art For Survival and Sponsorship Funds

Please note there are still more incredibly talented artists to follow …


Shah AlizadaShah Alizada

Shah Alizada

Shah Alizada lives in a detention centre in Indonesia. He is studying art, networking, and web development. He shares the knowledge he has with his neighbours.
Hassan AtiHassan Ati

Hassan Ati

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Hassan Ati is currently in Pekanbaru Detention Centre in Indonesia.
Mahdi GraphistMahdi Graphist

Mahdi Graphist

Mahdi Grahphist is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator. He creates business cards, T-shirt, user interface designs or UI designs. He specializes in bringing digital identities into the real world.
Asi MilaAsi Mila

Asi Mila

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Asi Mila is a naturally gifted artist, and student of Shams Najafi. She is living in Pekanbaru city, Indonesia. Asi fled Afghanistan 5 years ago due to the conflict.
Ali MohseniAli Mohseni

Ali Mohseni

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  The exquisite graphic fantasy landscapes by Ali Mohseni are breathtaking to behold.
Masoud SaadatjooMasoud Saadatjoo

Masoud Saadatjoo

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Masoud Saadatjoo is from Kabul, Afghanistan. He is currently living in Makassar, Indonesia. “I am a refugee. I'm a human, like another human."
Roya YousofiRoya Yousofi

Roya Yousofi

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Roya Yousofi is living in Pekanbaru Detention Centre in Indonesia. She is from Afghanistan.