The Asylum Art Market was envisioned by Australian humanitarian extraordinaire Greg Kiernan.

Greg Kiernan is a life coach, as well as a workshop, retreat and support group facilitator. He is also an advocate, activist and a writer.

Since the inception of the Asylum Art Market, Greg has been working closely with refugees in detention centres in Malaysia to promote their work. In this way it is possible for these creatives to maintain a sense of independence in their capacity to work toward a better future for themselves.

The Asylum Art Market supports our artists, writers and photographers and other creatives as they continue to develop creative skills and learn new ones. They are building meaningful lives right where they find themselves. These artists share art, teach one another and support each other. They are working to heal themselves, and build rich lives in detention.

“Let’s take some time to share, reflect and grow along with them.
Let’s send them lots of love, care and enthusiasm and support.
Let’s WITNESS as they peel off their protective armor, live in their own skin,
create their own way, live for today & change the world.” ~ Greg Kiernan